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I Promise You That Tonight - Blog 

Run Riot 

Tom shares some thoughts on making his work I Promise You That Tonight

Right now, I am sitting in my room surrounded by five of those big blue Ikea bags, you know the ones. Every bag is full, full of broken glass. Most of the glass has come from the bar my housemate works in. I spent many an afternoon perplexing my neighbours outside my back doorstep brandishing a hammer and....

Performance Research 

Volume 26, 2021 - Issue 1-2: On Hell

Words from a Pit

by Peader Kirk & Tom Cassani


This article discusses the performance I Promise You That Tonight created by artists Tom Cassani and Peader Kirk. The article is written from a practitioner’s perspective and discusses strategies of both stage magic and live art used in the show as a means to create multiple, simultaneous realities for an audience.

A Study Room Guide by Tom Cassani


This Study Room Guide draws together resources that inform the sometimes disparate and eclectic field of deception and performance. Tom Cassani collated these resources in response to his research and reflections on the themes of Deception, Performance Magic, Hoaxes, Pranks and Tricks. The Guide also contains an accompanying essay which aims to expand the discourse around deception and magic in performance with reference to a curated selection of significant works and artists presenting work that explores these themes.

Testing the Strange

In September 2023, Tom Cassani undertook a TEST residency: On Circus, the first of Lancaster Arts’ residencies under the new name, TEST. Tom spent a week exploring how he might expand the form in which ‘circus-sideshow’ acts are performed. With the support of contemporary circus mentor, Flick Ferdinando.

Tom shares some of his thoughts and findings from his residency.   

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