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Iterations centres Cassani’s obsession with the skill and precision of sleight of hand magic. It invites us to consider the performance of the seemingly impossible.
Through deconstructed routines and text that re-imagines the aesthetic tropes of magic, we are offered time to reflect and re-interpret. This exposé of the practising magician explores how impossibilities emerge through repetition, actions, gestures and self-reflection. See how placing a coin into a pocket becomes a lifetime's work.
Learn how hard it really is, to do something impossible so effortlessly.

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Image Credit: Alex Brenner

A Show of Hands is a practical investigation into Tom Cassani's relationship with his hands and the thinking that happens with and through them. Tom has been performing with and working alongside his hands for 15 years, this 30 minute show explores this relationship through new text and old actions.

Thanks to The University of Huddersfield, The Drama Studio Sheffield, Enable Us and South House Faversham

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Image Credit: Alex Brenner

Using the rare circus technique of hair suspension as a medium for physical exploration this durational performance expands the space, time and site in which almost impossible images occur.

Combined with audio illusion see a body falling endlessly, a body suspended by the hair above broken glass, a body vanishing in slow motion flying through the space. This performance is part of Cassani's ongoing research into durational acts of illusion that map new territories in practices of magic, sideshow and performance art. This performance is modular and evolving and adapts to the space it is in.

Initial conception thanks to Arragua Lekeitio, The Centre For Live Art Yorkshire and the University Of Huddersfiled

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Image Credit: Alex Brenner

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Someone Loves You Drive With Care

Image Credit: Alex Brenner

Image Credit: Alex Brenner

In Someone Loves You Drive With Care, Tom Cassani exposes the techniques of deception, and teaches how to spot it in action. Stripping back any physical means of trickery, he works closely with the audience to explore and expose deception and truth, and the fine line between the two.

Watch everyday action turn into the impossible. Explore moments in time that might have happened, that have never happened, and that will never happen. How might this relate to holding a stranger’s hand? Or crying? Or being born at the same time as a tree?

Tom invites you to investigate his relationship with a practice founded on bending the truth and being honest about doing just that.


'Tom Cassani’s Someone Loves You Drive With Care is a tricky show. It writhes around, resisting both definition (is it magic, or lecture, or theatre, or all, or none?) and our attempts to weed out its trickery. A mesmeric exposure of deception, performance, and the overlap of their shared Venn diagram’ Flare Festival - Linford Butler 2017. Full review here

Written & performed by Tom Cassani

Dramaturg & Direction: Peader Kirk

Winner of 1st prize Birmingham European festival 2018, Best of BE UK and Best of BE UK tour 2018-19, Co-commissioned by hÅb + Contact for Works Ahead. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Part of the SPILL National Platform 2016.

I Promise You That Tonight

Colliding showmanship, scepticism and almost miracles.

We can all walk on broken glass as carefree as if it were sand beneath our feet. We can all put our hands straight into the fire and not leave a mark If we needed to.

None of these things are impossible but it’s ok to admit that they are hard. That this time is hard.

Tom Cassani twists showman’s patter to preach the importance of remaining wary of those who make extraordinary claims. Lying is done with words and also silence. I promise you that tonight.

‘Cassani is hurtling towards exciting creative territory. If you’re a fan of magic, contemporary performance, or seeking out the truth, this performance is 100% for you’. Number 9 Reviews - Sam Lowe 6/11/19. Full review here

Read Tom's Run Riot blog post on the show here

Written & performed by Tom Cassani
Dramaturg & Direction: Peader Kirk
Lighting Designer: Nigel Edwards

A hÅb commission, Supported by Arts Council England, BE Festival and Metal Peterborough.

Image Credit: Alex Brenner

Image Credit: Hugo Glendinning

IPYTT Hugo Glendinning 2.jpg

Image Credit: Hugo Glendinning

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Strange Boy

Strange Boy is the cabaret character of artist Tom Cassani. Strange Boy has spent many years learning how to do very strange things very well. Strange Boy combines prestidigitation, body horror, magic and contemporary sideshow to conjure up almost impossible images and illusions of the surreal world he finds himself in most days. 

Follow Strange Boy on instagram @itsstrangeboy for regular updates.

Image Credit: Alex Brenner

Image Credit: BISH for PUG 

Image Credit: Kiev Ro

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