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One wears red and one wears blue. Tom Thom have been doing things together for a while – walking, dancing, holding, hugging. They began spaced far apart and spent a long time shuffling to find each other. They do this and they will continue to do this. The actual nature of their personal relationship is irrelevant to what is seen.

Tomthom have appeared at Latitude Festival, Edinburgh Festival, CLAY, Deep Trash, Fierce Festival and many more.

Image credit: Graeme Braidwood

Simone Simone&Eros

A warholian Superstar Simone Simone and factory wonderboy Eros are best known for their durational disasters. Experts in perpetual nothingness.

"a pair of washed-up, spaced-out Superstars hailing from Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory. Rumour has it that Simone and Eros are ghosts - drug-raddled poltergeists to be specific, or maybe they time-travelled from the 60s" - Scamp Magazine

Simone Simone and Eros can be found regularly asleep on the stage with David Hoyle or setting fire to things with one eye open in a basement club in Dalston.

Read 'on Eros and Simone Simone' by Paul Hughes here

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